From Pyongyang With Love

A few moFireShot Screen Capture #006 - '' - www_kcna_co_jp_calendar_2015_03_03-16_2015-0316-018_htmlrnings back, I was reading the North Korean news, as one does, and was surprised to find two articles in the daily list of amazing facts and awe-inspiring exploits of the Supreme Leader at the Korean Central News Agency to be dealing with two people I know well and value highly (here and here). No, dear readers, not Übercomrade Kim Jong Un or his deceased but nevertheless always-with-us father, but two decent, courageous, empathic people (and yes,

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What If North Korea Did Not Hack Sony?

interviewWhat if North Korea did not hack Sony? Recent news seems to suggest that there is a lot of debate surrounding this question in knowledgeable circles. Since I am not much of a cyberdetective, I can’t really contribute. But permit me to list a few considerations that should perhaps be taken seriously in the game of assigning blame for Angelina Jolie now knowing what Sony’s top producer really thinks of her:

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Virgin Terrorist Mayumi’s Apocalypse (1990)

No, this is not a4571 porn movie. It is as bad as a porn movie, though. Worse actually, because it trades the hanky panky for government rhetoric. It’s propaganda porno. It’s essentially what legendary director Shin Sang-ok 신상옥 had to do before being allowed back into South Korea after his forced stay in the North (no, don’t get me started on this). So in order to be able to go back home from the US, Shin made a propaganda movie about Kim Hyon Hui  김현희,  the North Korean terrorist who blew up a South Korean plane and got caught doing it

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