An Unexpected Encounter in London, or Gutenberg in Korea

Korean_book-Jikji-Selected_Teachings_of_Buddhist_Sages_and_Seon_Masters-1377The universe works in mysterious ways. It boggles the mind at times. Last Wednesday I was in London for a very brief visit to the All Party Parliamentary Group on North Korea to talk about the pros and cons of cultural diplomacy with North Korea. About the possibility of anything slightly resembling cultural diplomacy with North Korea. Timing was excellent. Not my timing, but that of the universe, for the previous evening the proposal for a resolution on the human rights situation in North Korea

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On the serendipitous nature of idiosyncratic typo’s

81eEpttzBfL._SL1500_To err is not only human, it is absolutely crucial in the development of new ideas. No, I’m not referring to that obnoxiously necessary but tedious practice known as ‘trial-and-error’ according to which you do something, you fail and next time you do it better (or not and fail again). I am referring to the altogether more elegant notion of serendipitous erring when you make a mistake or do something rather stupid, but the outcome is unexpectedly and unfairly pleasant. Such as when yesterday when I was writing something, I typed ‘idiosyncretic’ instead of ‘idiosyncratic.’ It was late at night, so it took me a while to figure out what I had done wrong. Then I realized I liked the mistake: it speaks of a very personal notion of syncretism.

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