The Tiger’s Claw – Mary Linley Taylor

WoImagenderful book about George Yankovsky, a larger-than-life hunter of Manchurian tigers, punisher of Manchurian bandits, one-time Texas cowboy (I shit you not), breeder of horses and deer, scion of Polish nobles in exile and overall too-cool-to-be-true guy (he’s probably the only person in the world to equal this guy in terms of raw coolness). His resort in what is now Jeongjin in North Korea must have been incredible. His eldest son (Valery Yankovsky, who ended up in Soviet Gulag after ’45, but survived and became a writer and poet) wrote a number of autobiographical books on the incredible story of his family (this is one of them, translated into English for your benefit). Another son (Arseny) made it to America where he became a very valuable CIA asset (he spoke Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Korean, German, French, English) until he was suspected

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