Podcast: Ch’oe Sŭnghŭi, van moderne ballerina naar traditionele danseres

Ch'oe als moderne ballerina

Ch’oe als moderne ballerina

Ch'oe als traditionele danseres

Ch’oe als traditionele danseres

Deze podcast gaat over Ch’oe Sŭnghŭi, de legendarische Koreaanse danseres die Picasso en Chaplin onder haar bewonderaars mocht rekenen. Naast de podcast ook een paar YouTube links: kijk hieronder voor twee filmpjes van haar in actie.

En hier is de podcastlink (zoals altijd mp3 320kbps):

Filmpje als vijftienjarige danseres in Japan

Hoogtepunten als traditionele danseres

The South Manchurian Railway and academia

As a Dutch nationalmansyu-s11 who braved the vagaries of Dutch public transportation daily (not anymore! Now I just cycle to the institute. Life is good, to quote what was once called Lucky Goldstar, yes, Lucky Goldstar – I wonder how many marketing millions went into trying the erase the memory of Lucky Goldstar, btw, but that is an entirely different matter), I probably have a tendency to underestimate (and severely so)

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Classified materials obtained in dark and sinister ways

I wasUntitled just sent classified materials. 291 pages of classified, top secret data filled with numbers, analyses, tables, indexes. How do I know they  are classified, you ask? Well, this here to the left  is a dead give-away, the Chinese character equivalent of this immediately recognizable warning below:

That is what it would have said had this been a 70s spy movie.

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Postcards from Manchukuo

20140527_114618I recently bought these two Japanese postcards, one depicting the most important weapon any army has employed in the quest for the ultimate whooping of the other guys’ ass: corporals (here portrayed as sentinels, but to me it seems they do

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Go East, Young Man or: Manchuria, Land Of Opportunities (1922)

20140518_230946If I had been a young man in the 1920s and had gotten hold of Manchuria, Land Of Opportunities (1922), I just might have bought myself a one-way ticket on a slow boat to Manchuria. In terms of opportunities, in particular investment opportunities, it doesn’t come much better than as described in painstaking detail in this book. Did you know for example that in 1920 1,955,464 gallons of lubricating oil were imported into Manchuria? Don’t ask me why. No, don’t. And that in the same year 52,508,400 pounds of perilla leaves were exported from Manchuria?

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