Ik kon het toch niet laten…

Ik heb net het artikel van Oscar Garschagen over Noord-Korea gelezen (hier te vinden: (https://www.nrc.nl/nieuws/2017/07/30/we-moeten-het-nu-toch-echt-over-noord-korea-hebben-12304991-a1568445). En ik kon het toch niet laten om mijn eigen antwoorden op zijn vragen te formuleren. Dat zal mijn ego wel zijn. Dit zijn de elf antwoorden die ik zou hebben gegeven op de elf vragen die hij stelt. Belangrijker wellicht: dit zijn de elf vragen die ik zou hebben gesteld. We moeten het inderdaad over Noord-Korea hebben, maar niet op deze manier.

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Podcast: Separative engagement (NL)

Een experiment. Een opiniestuk voorgelezen als podcast (een opedcast?), de eerste van een serie: Bureau Breuker. Deze keer over de nieuwe diplomatieke notie van separative engagement, voorgesteld door prof. Jang Jin-sung (Universiteit Leiden).

Hier is het mp3-bestand (320kbps):

Er zal nog van alles niet optimaal zijn qua opname, maar dat zal naar ik aanneem langzamerhand verbeteren.

On The Lies Of Camp Survivors

camp-14-600-longI told myself that I wasn’t going to write anything about Shin Dong-hyuk and his confession that key elements of his escape narrative were omitted, changed around or left out. I have never met Shin and I’ve never been able to vouch for the veracity of his book. I have talked about his book in public, however, and have always maintained that I did not doubt his story. Altough I could not verify the details, I believed its general structure to be valid.

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What If North Korea Did Not Hack Sony?

interviewWhat if North Korea did not hack Sony? Recent news seems to suggest that there is a lot of debate surrounding this question in knowledgeable circles. Since I am not much of a cyberdetective, I can’t really contribute. But permit me to list a few considerations that should perhaps be taken seriously in the game of assigning blame for Angelina Jolie now knowing what Sony’s top producer really thinks of her:

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Off the tracks diplomacy & the Primat der Mensenrechte

I like to think of myself as a reasonable human being. Most of the time then. But given my primal reaction to this text in which it is stated that “human rights issues have proved a complication” in establishing parliamentary linkage with North Korea, I am afraid I have to admit it stripped the veneer of reasonability right away from me. So allow me to show my more unreasonable side in this blog.

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A State of Non-Legitimacy: Un-Framing North Korean Elite Exiles’ Voices in Knowledge Production

18 September 2014
Leiden University
The Netherlands

20140627001258_0When the North Korean state speaks, it often is with a voice laden with terror, threats, anger and wrath. As often, the North Korean state speaks in a register that is unpredictably soothing, asking for peace and understanding. It is a voice heard worldwide, on the television, the internet and in newspapers, usually accompanied by the voices of North Korea experts interpreting and making understandable what seems foreign and incomprehensible. These are the only voices we hear speaking on behalf of an otherwise unintelligible North Korea. Missing from this discourse are authentic, unmediated North Korean voices, but how could there be, given the unparalleled repression within North Korea?  

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