Podcast: Van wave naar wave (lang!)

Dit is de elfde aflevering van Bureau Breuker en het is een heel lange aflevering (35 minuten). Van wave naar wave is gebaseerd op een lezing die ik een tijd terug gaf voor Studium Generale in Leiden. Over K-pop, de Korean Wave, Fu Manchu en Bruce Lee. De term ‘bruceploitation’ valt, dus het is een goede podcast. Ja, er is hier wat mij betreft sprake van een causale relatie.

Hier is het reusachtig grote mp3-bestand (320 kbps):

Podcast: Ch’oe Sŭnghŭi, van moderne ballerina naar traditionele danseres

Ch'oe als moderne ballerina

Ch’oe als moderne ballerina

Ch'oe als traditionele danseres

Ch’oe als traditionele danseres

Deze podcast gaat over Ch’oe Sŭnghŭi, de legendarische Koreaanse danseres die Picasso en Chaplin onder haar bewonderaars mocht rekenen. Naast de podcast ook een paar YouTube links: kijk hieronder voor twee filmpjes van haar in actie.

En hier is de podcastlink (zoals altijd mp3 320kbps):

Filmpje als vijftienjarige danseres in Japan

Hoogtepunten als traditionele danseres

The South Manchurian Railway and academia

As a Dutch nationalmansyu-s11 who braved the vagaries of Dutch public transportation daily (not anymore! Now I just cycle to the institute. Life is good, to quote what was once called Lucky Goldstar, yes, Lucky Goldstar – I wonder how many marketing millions went into trying the erase the memory of Lucky Goldstar, btw, but that is an entirely different matter), I probably have a tendency to underestimate (and severely so)

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Man And Mystery in Asia – Ferdinand Ossendowski  

I was lucky this weekend to get a chance to read a book which has been lying on my desk for a few months now (next to

Man And Mystery In Asia

Man And Mystery In Asia

the ever-growing pile of the latest research in my field…): Man And Mystery in Asia by Ferdinand Ossendowski, the Polish noble/ chemist/ biologist/ geologist/ explorer/ fugitive from the Cheka and the Bolsheviks/ bestseller author/ hunter/ storyteller extraordinaire. I’m sure I’m leaving a number of defining qualifications out of this description, but the fact that he saw the inside of a prison both under the Tsar and under the Bolsheviks on account of ideological crimes tells you something about the man. That he was a fundamentally decent and courageous person. Or incredibly stupid and unfortunate to fall foul of two such formidable enemies,

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Classified materials obtained in dark and sinister ways

I wasUntitled just sent classified materials. 291 pages of classified, top secret data filled with numbers, analyses, tables, indexes. How do I know they  are classified, you ask? Well, this here to the left  is a dead give-away, the Chinese character equivalent of this immediately recognizable warning below:

That is what it would have said had this been a 70s spy movie.

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1939 edition of Selected Poems of Sowŏl

I obtained this beautiful (but also damaged) edition of Kim Sowŏl’s poems from my old mentor. It seems to be the 1939 edition published by Kim Sowol’s mentor Kim Ŏk, 5 years after the tragic death (most likely by his own hand) of Sowŏl. Most famous for his attempts to write poetry connected to the rhythm of Korean folk songs, his signature poem is Azeleas 진달래꽃 reproduced here in English translation.

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