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311fe4e7cc7e47ac9424579ab9d86618l_3The blog post I wrote for Policy Forum just went live here. According to my computer it went live tomorrow, November 27. Yes, that is right, I am using the past tense for something that happened tomorrow (there! I did it again!). Not because I am a time traveller (coincidentally – or not – I was sent this link today on time travel and the proper use of grammar), but because I am sitting behind my desk in Oegstgeest (where it’s still November 26) and Policy Forum is based in a civilised country (Australia) and its sooper dooper happy wonderful capital of Canberra eeee(no, I am not being sarcastic, I really, truly like Canberra very much and I think ANU rules) and it’s already tomorrow there. To prove it, here is the screenshot that says that my post was uploaded tomorrow (27/11), and the other posts today (26/11).

Anyway, the post is about Kim Jong Un. Or rather, it isn’t. You know what? Read it yourself. I should warn you that I am impervious to criticism on this one. I am wearing my suit (see above). Given my experiences the last time I published something similar I deemed it a sensible precaution. Before you know it I find myself engaged in unproductive exchanges with people whom I would in all honesty probably not even want to buy a cup of the cheapo coffee that the machine next to my office dispenses were I to meet them in real life (I know, I know, ontologically ambiguous proposition). So in order to shield myself from my inner misanthrope I don the suit and will ignore all flak and instead watch something nice on Netflix. Unless of course the urge to inject some sense & sensibility in the debate gets too strong.

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