What If North Korea Did Not Hack Sony?

interviewWhat if North Korea did not hack Sony? Recent news seems to suggest that there is a lot of debate surrounding this question in knowledgeable circles. Since I am not much of a cyberdetective, I can’t really contribute. But permit me to list a few considerations that should perhaps be taken seriously in the game of assigning blame for Angelina Jolie now knowing what Sony’s top producer really thinks of her:

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The Free Press In Pyongyang And Other Fairy Tales

UK_taxpayers_funding_Korean_tyrant_s_spin_doctors_UK_News_Daily_Express_-_2014-12-14_14.40.30You know it’s that kind of Sunday when this is what you get to read early in the morning: “UK Funding Korean Tyrant! Kim Jong’s Spin Doctors Trained at OUR Expense.” Coffee-deprived as I was, for a fleeting moment I wondered whether I hadn’t been paying attention lately and missed a fourth-generation Kim scion taking the helm in Pyongyang. That wasn’t the case of course. It was just a case of a missing Un (endless pun possibilities here: UN?).

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