Where is Kim Jong Un?

Who cares? Does it really matter? We should know by now that this is either a NK propaganda ploy (NK has been known to proactively engage foreign (mis)conceptions in its propaganda) and KJU has been diligently inspecting footwear producing factories every day of the month he has now been missing or that he is indeed ill/under house arrest/banished somewhere (“No, no, not Detroit”: brownie points for whomever recognizes the quote)/torn to pieces by a hungry pack of dogs/skiing at the Mashingnyong Resort/frolicking with Hyon Songwol. It does not matter. It is not as if he ruled the country or anything. If and when he turns up again (in a holding cell of the International Court of Justice or Kumsusan Palace), which he probably will, he’ll still be what he was. The avatar of a regime that is contemplating whether it can survive (or even thrive) without him, without his sister, his (half-)brothers. Not an enviable position to find yourself in, even without gout.

In the meantime, let’s keep attention focused on the OGD and see whether we can get #OGD trending on Twitter.

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