A Coup In North Korea?

I keep reading all these comments that there was a coup in North Korea, or at least that Jang Jin-sung claimed that there was a coup. Here is a prime specimen. But methinks the learned gentlemen (and the woefully outnumbered ladies in this profession of course) should try and actually read what Jang says. There was no coup. Kim Jong Un never was in power. If there had been a coup, he would now be in power. Confusing, eh? Welcome to the world of North Korea-watching through English-language reports. It’s such fun.

Jang Jin-sung (and the other elite exiles) has been saying for a while now that it is the OGD that is ruling the country. And has been since Kim Jong Il croaked. So, no coup. No shadowy organisation either, just one that, let’s put it this way, values its privacy. Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, keep on walking, nothing to see. Business as usual. Hwang and cronies in control of Pyongyang.

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