Of Vitriol, Mud And Misquotes In North Korea Land

This has been quite a week, I must say. I have been subjected to everything ranging from intense media attention (just google OGD or Organisation and Guidance Department; Organization of course if you’re a cousin from across the pond), vilification, accusations of mystification (my personal favorite) to patronizing passive-aggressive advice/inquiries on what it is real academics do (as opposed to what I am doing, I hazard a guess) and made the New York Times

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A Giant Straw Man In Pyongyang

the-Wicker-Man-6Do I know what’s going on in Pyongyang? Of course I do, but if I were to tell you, I’d have to kill you. So let’s pretend I don’t and let me make some educated guesses at what is happening (the good thing about having a PhD is that each and any guess you make, no matter how hairy-brained stupid, becomes educated by default). Let’s put some of the facts (or perhaps I should say ‘undisputed, commonly accepted suppositions’) down:

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A Coup In North Korea?

I keep reading all these comments that there was a coup in North Korea, or at least that Jang Jin-sung claimed that there was a coup. Here is a prime specimen. But methinks the learned gentlemen (and the woefully outnumbered ladies in this profession of course) should try and actually read what Jang says. There was no coup.

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