Female divers from Cheju and George Lazenby

20140527_152350Okay, okay, so this has nothing to do with Northern Korea. It’s a Cheju-do postcard, I know. But just look at those colours. I betcha Instagram would pay a fair amount to produce a filter that can make photos look like that. You know what I see in this picture (except for implausible dressed-up Cheju haenyŏ 해녀 wannabe models)? I see Sean Connery or what’s-his-face George Lazenby – who by the way as a former top male model/real life martial arts instructor/multi-millionaire investor plays in the more than decent Hong Kong pulp action movie Stoner from the seventies with Angela Mao, but I digress) lurking behind those rocks, because, let’s face it, this is James Bond goes to Japan and only lives twice territory. Without a doubt.

Useless piece of trivial information: Lazenby quit as James Bond, grew a beard and long hair and sailed the world for fifteen months, basically telling the big movie producers to go stick it where the sun don’t shine. He then went to Hong Kong and talked to pulp movie demi-god Raymond Chow to make a movie with Bruce Lee. Yes, you read that right. Bruce Lee. Who died before this could happen, otherwise Game of Death would have starred George Lazenby. Fortunately, Lazenby stuck around in Hong Kong and made Stoner among other equally immortal milestones of international cinema. And no, I’m not being sarcastic. Or cynical. If your character is called Stoner and the alternate title for your movie is The Shrine Of Eternal Bliss and you’re so tough you actually and accidentally punch the lights out of a stuntman (about the toughest breed there is on this planet, I’d say, although professional show wrestlers come close and no, again, I am not being sarcastic or cynical) when you shoot a fight scene because you’re the real thing and know how to punch, really punch, you rock. It’s that simple.

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