Why this blog?

ImageThis blog is a spin-off from the Leiden Initiative on Northern Korea. I intend to post essays on Northern Korea here, but also informal writings, short reviews of sources or other stuff, more or less random thoughts connected to the topic, notes, scriblings et cetera: marginalia in the spirit of Leiden, iNK in other words. I might write a post about a French book on gold miners in Manchuria for example. Or something else sufficiently obscure. I like marginalia. Better than essentialia at least. So that’s whay you can expect. The kind of stuff someone could have written in the margins of a dusty and smelly old tome on an obscure subject. The blog format is now also sufficiently old-fashioned to intuitively match my antiquarian  (and other) interests in the history of Northeast Asia, so I’m ready to go. I’ll be serious (marginalia are a most serious matter & so is the current situation in Northeast Asia), but not mainstream. I’m more at home in the margins. As a result, I’ll probably be a bit polemic as well. Perhaps more than a bit. We’ll see. Polemic enough to disable the comment section at least. Do start your own blog if you disagree with me and you find it impossible to restrict the disagreement to the privacy of your own mind.

What is the Leiden Initiative on Northern Korea? Read the way too long first post and you shall know.

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